Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Work on BLISS

A few days back, a boat owner mentioned on the morning net that he wanted a mooring for a month and was subletting his slip at the marina. I called him up and we swapped my mooring for his slip. I had a credit with the marina, and with his payment for the mooring, I got Bliss into a 40 foot slip for a month for $20. A deal I couldn't pass up. 

Years ago we tried painting the plywood and plastic  laminate with enamel, which, as you can see, is peeling. The head is small, and the light paint really helped. 

So now I'm installing mahogany paneling, which I hope will lighten with the use of white wood stain. 
A couple afternoons patterning the space and cutting panels has yielded these photos. When the walls are done, I have the hatch, door and countertops to do.

Haven't decided whether to sail south this year or take the VW Westfalia camper... but around the end of the year it gets too cold to want to stick around. I follow the Seven Second Rule. If I can't get dressed in seven seconds, I'm too far north.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Or, if I'm wearing shoes and socks, I'm too far North.
Or, I have 20 / 20 vision ~ 20 degrees North and 20 degrees South.

rob said...

I like the rules! mine is when my wife hides my short trousers and won`t tell me where they are! I know its late November then and I that I have no chance of finding them until its late february, so it must be winter. When was it summer this year ? I think I must have missed it all togeather. :o))