Sunday, January 18, 2009

Solo Flight - Part Dos- Christmas Day

The calm waters of Balandra Cove just 14 miles northeast of Puerto Escondido. Permission is required to land here, since it is a wildlife preserve now.

Spent Christmas Day sailing from Pta. Pulpito to Balandra. Had the sails up for about 2 hours before the wind quit. Dolphins were spotted here and there and rumors of whale sightings made their way onto the morning cruiser net in Escondido. But I didn't see any whales during my 10 hour journey.

The skies are getting overcast due to an incoming "Pineapple Express." So named because these long (1,000 miles or more) weather systems bring tropical moisture into the desert regions of Mexico and the US from the equator. Sometimes the rain can be intense from these formations; there's always lots of cloudiness and humidity when an Express shows up.

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