Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big changes afoot... GREEN FLASH 2.0

Above is the first design developed a year ago... GF1
Below is the current design. GF2.0
There's a few good things about this new design... By increasing the sheer (the sides of the hull), I can
1) Increase volume and reduce the amount of work, time and material that would be involved in a standard cabin, like FLASH 1.0
2) Clamp some formica to the existing hull and start building up with laminates and composites. The existing hull defines the shape, so no molds or complicated forms are required to accomplish this (thanks to a tip from M43 owner Al Watson. See his "Sugar Scoop" modification to his boat KINDRED SPIRIT HERE).
3) The added non-opening portlights are designed to be installed just above the existing sheerline of the FLASH, which will be easier because the existing hull/deck joint is wide and strong and easy to get to at this stage of the modification.
4) This design provides more deck space (it's almost a flush deck) and installing it, and the opening hatches (we have seven of those) is simpler. The 1st Mate says she might even be able to do her yoga on deck.

Above is version 1 deck layout
Below is GF2.0 layout. Cleaner is better.

5) I'm 6' tall and this makes enough headroom below for me without building a cabintop.
6) I think it looks sexy, don't you?

My horoscope today:
It might be a good time for you to start thinking about trying to make some fresh starts and new beginnings in a few different areas of your life. Just be careful that you don’t come on too strong or you could end up making a little trouble for yourself right now.

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