Monday, March 1, 2010

Frequent Provisioning=The Good Life

This morning I had a fruit salad made with a perfect cantaloupe, a fresh pear, banana, and fresh strawberries covered in dried, shredded, sugared coconut and cream (or crema, down here) and a pot of espresso French Roast in the cockpit as dolphins frolicked around the anchorage. I wore a bathing suit and freshly applied sunblock. Monday morning aboard BLISS.

This week I got my first Social Security check deposited to my account in Tucson. Wasn't a whole lot, but I don't own a partnership in a business so I can declare and pay excessive taxes to make my SS high. What the government doesn't take goes toward buying, among other things, sailboats (three in the past 17 years).
Eatin' good in the Neighborhood. Here's the neighbors...

The partnership, because it's seasonal, allows me to run off to places like Tenecatita Bay, Zihuatanejo and other tropical paradi (plural of paradise?). It even allows us to do our parts in the business from Mexico or, for that matter, anyplace in the world that has Internet and automatic teller machines... and that covers a lot of the globe, or at least the parts I want to see, and stay.

Today I'm going to sort out the boat a little. When I packed for this shakedown cruise, I wanted to catch a rare (this time of year) southerly, so it was a bit fast and sloppy. It needs to be more organized than it is, and then I'll take the boat out for a sail this afternoon during the sea breeze (usually a westerly) to check out all those systems including a new snuffer for the spinnaker/drifter if it gets light (it will near the end of the day).

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1st Mate said...

Glad you're wearing your sunblock. The breakfast sounds delish, almost decadent with that blob of crema, but you deserve it. Very pleased to learn you've gotten your first SS check, you are now officially a geezer.