Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heading for the Barn

The Tetas of San Carlos.
Distinct and large enough to work as a landmark from 20 miles out...

Monday July 19
We've decided it's time to head for the barn. After a restful night at anchor in Agua Verde on the Baja peninsula, we caught an early westerly that brought us up to 6 knots for a couple of hours and launched us on our way to San Carlos.

The development of Puerto Escondido doesn't appeal to us, and we'd rather be getting home than spending money on what used to be free at the Hidden Port. Maybe next LoretoFest, we'll see.

Speaking of LoretoFest, we've been thinking about starting a cruiser music festival in San Carlos, maybe between October 15 and November 1st. In the past I've organized rock/music concerts to raise money for people who have needed medical care and it's been a lot of fun. The 1st Mate and I would need to work some things out because those dates coincide with our deadlines/publishing of our annual traveler's guide. Again, we'll see.

It's 94 degrees in the cabin this morning at 11… a hot one. The westerly has died and we're motoring (dieseling?) over a flat Cortez. Fortunately, the 120 amp alternator I found at the San Carlos sailors swap meet is working, and coupled with a 2000 watt dc to ac inverter and a countertop ice maker, we are enjoying fresh limonades as we go. The sea surface is getting that ruffled look it gets prior to the daily seabreeze, so there's hope that the wind will start up soon.

11pm update
Still no wind, but the seas are flat. Hot and humid.

Tuesday July 21
We arrived in San Carlos hot, tired and sleepy around 12 noon. The 1st Mate, Sophie and Chica were dropped off near the big Marinaterra Hotel restaurant dock to get a cab for me from the dinghy dock to the condo. We're heading in for showers and naps and air conditioning… then we'll start unloading the boat tomorrow when she's moved to a slip. So nice to be back, safe and sound.


1st Mate said...

Now that it's over... Thanks, Capt, for the mellowest cruise we've ever had. You calmly troubleshot every little crisis and kept us going, even when I was ready to collapse in a sweatsoaked heap. Thanks, too, for reminding me of all the things I love about going to sea.

MxSailor said...

Thanks for the compliment. This is the hottest summer I've seen in Mexico (many others concur). Thanks also for the support and the terrific meals you created. You made this the best trip for me too, 1st Mate.