Friday, January 14, 2011

Procrastination: A Labor Saving Device

Today I decided to remove the remaining 16 foot section of portside deck on the FLASH, and unlike the starboard, I did it without cutting up fiberglass and creating clouds of dangerous dust. It occurred to me that I could just use a hydraulic jack and some jackstands from the car to force the deck off the boat.

And it worked.
If I had done this job in the distant past, I would have continued with saws and drills and all manner of dust generating devices, but I procrastinated. And this way was a lot easier and cleaner. As I dug into the boat, though, I discovered a layer of black mold between two pieces of plywood that had been bolted together.

Since I had removed the decks from the other side, I had fought battles with mold after two major floods, and discovering the other boat, BLISS, covered in mold in Barra de Navidad. My research then had taught me that this stuff was not to be messed with... and that white vinegar was my friend, so I fired up the compressor and fitted my engine cleaning wand with a gallon of vinagre blanco. A few minutes of spraying with the face mask on, and I could leave the mold to die overnight.

So, by putting off the work, I gained knowledge from intervening projects to make the day's work go easier and safer.
By the way, it was a warm and sunny 75 degrees in the ranchitos today. Eatcher heart out!


1st Mate said...

Yes, it's called pickling your boat. We've also pickled the condo on occasion. What can withstand a forced spray of vinegar, after all?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Vinegar is a wet boater's best friend. If Jim would let me I would use that industrial strenght mold & mildew remover that Lysol puts out... works SO much better and faster. Just might kill you if you breathe within 50' of it however. I usually spray & run.

rob said...

My wife sprayed our shower tiles with a mould killer a while back, whilst wearing a poor quality mask, and suffered very badly for a few weeks after, so you are right to run