Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Design Stage reaches maturity

Like a fine wine, the Green Flash has evolved to a pretty good design. The image below was created in three different computer programs (four, if you count a Windoze emulator). The first was Adobe InDesign CS5 for 2D planning and layouts, then FreeShip for Windows to create the 3D hull, then to Google's Free Sketchup 3D program to create decks, bulkheads, floors, etc.
The rendering above was done in Sketchup7 using a plugin called IDX Renditioner ... a close up of the cockpit is here...
And this is the non-rendered 3/4 view of the Flash without the pilot house in place. The Flash has an inside steering (hydraulic/electric) station for inclement weather and/or night watches.

Directly under the interior steering station is the diesel genset and electric motor propulsion system, in sound proof enclosures.

Now that bulkheads are designed in, I can start creating a shopping list for the materials. The structural bulkheads will be doubled 3/4" marine ply covered in an off white laminate, the others will be doubled 1 inch foam sheets, with the same covering. Deck will be doubled 1" foam sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and/or carbon fiber and epoxy.


rob said...

Nice looking Gal! :o))

MxSailor said...

Thanks Rob. Final preparations on the hull will be finished shortly and construction will start this spring.

rob said...

I`d be interested to hear how the chinese matting and resin gets on,if you went/go that route?