Monday, April 25, 2011

Semana Santa in SC

San Carlos is a beach town. So when Easter break comes to Mexico, Mexico comes to us. Our little town is home to about 4,000 residents, 3/4 of whom disappear to higher latitudes around this time of year. When Easter week gets here, our population swells to around 10,000. The party starts at 5pm and runs 'til 5am. Tecate beer tents pop up on every street corner to make sure nobody runs out. The music is LOUD. My friend, Greg Pyros took these grand photos of the event and I built a little slideshow with my Mac. If your browser can play Quicktime content, it should be just fine.

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1st Mate said...

It does look like some of our gringo acquaintances got into the spirit(s) of Semana Santa this year. While we were out in the boatyard prepping for the Paint Job of the Decade... Oh, well, beer and junk food have lost their appeal for us anyway.