Friday, July 17, 2009

Engine One, Engine Two, Engine Three, Punt!

I'm halfway through this project and the lines between these engines are starting to blur. What I mean to say is that at the halfway point, the new engine becomes the old engine and vice- versa.*

So I have to name them: Engine One is the old engine I just finished painting and will be the new engine. Engine Two is the engine I'm removing the parts from to complete Engine One. Engine Three is the engine I won't buy if Engine One breaks, hence the "PUNT!"

While I'm at it, I should mention that when I bought the 28 oz size of hand cleaner at the Autozone in Guaymas, they showed me a gallon size container. I laughed. Ha Ha. I'll probably go into Guaymas later today or tomorrow and buy it. This job is so dirty I've got grease under my toenails. Thankfully, no photos of that.

*VICE-VERSA: The phrase has a Latin origin. "Vice" means "in the place of" or "in succession to" as in "The Vice-President would act in place of the President". The root of "vice" is "vix" meaning "change". "Versa" is a form of the Latin verb "vertere" and is a participle. "Vertere" means "to turn". So "vice versa" means "the position being reversed".
from YAHOO ANSWERS in case you've ever wondered...


Chrissy y Keith said...

My Dad was a Jet Mechanic in Vietnam and he talks about piecing engines together all the time. Must be a boy thing.

Anonymous said...

Have a question about your blog if you have a minute to contact me.

MxSailor said...

One of my best friends did that too- for five years, in the Navy first, then Air Force, then as a civilian. He lives here in SC.