Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Much Dinero, Joel. Let's try for Free...

I got the bid last night from Joel to build the metal roof shade over the FLASH and it came in at around $4,000 US. The 1st Mate is balking at that price and so am I. Realistically, putting that money into a temporary structure is not a good idea for us now.

So after applying some thought to the problem, I'm going to try rigging up some of the excess sails we have from our other sailboat (BLISS is still in Barra de Navidad) and see if that can be done. If so, it helps to clears out the 6x9x8 storage room we're renting and puts up shade for free. The sails are dacron and will probably start falling apart in a couple of years (the seams go first, but we have a sailmakers sewing machine and I know how to use it). I remember being on deck in the summer, and how cool and nice it was to get under the hoisted sails while underway.

A few quick looks around the internet confirm my opinion, and I can build the posts using material from the scrapyard one block away... (photos of shameless scrounging to follow soon).

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Chrissy y Keith said...

better idea I think. Keith and I have kicked around a sail shade in the back yard. I think I will mention it to him again.