Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

One thing leads to another, I believe.
The air conditioner in "my" room failed, and being mostly stark raving mad, I removed it so I could repair it.

It's not like I don't have anything to do.

With the a/c gone, the window was was letting in the desert heat and something had to be done, so I took a block of styrofoam that I had purchased to modify the dinghy (The Three Dollar Cure) and cut it to fit the window. It wasn't quite wide enough to fill the space so I decided to foam in the rest with Touch 'n Foam polyurethane one part sealing foam.

That led to my finding the can was a little old. This stuff is under pressure, sort of, and the trigger to release the foam is to bend the spout over to one side. I really had to lean into it, because, for some reason, as hard as I tried, only a "trickle" would come out. (If you're a man over fifty I don't have to explain). I finally got enough out to do the job and I put the can aside on the workbench.

This morning I found the foam was still oozing out of the can... and creating this-
1st Mate was seeing cherubim in the thing (read her recent post on the 60's), so I decided to photograph it against the morning sky. What do you see?

This is my good friend Alan. He has said his goodbyes and is going back to Colorado to die. He's contracted lung cancer, which has moved into the rest of his body. Alan came to San Carlos for the last time to put his condo on the market, sell his sailboat, and say goodbye. He a smart, sweet man with a loving wife and a ton of grandkids.

It makes me aware of my own mortality, and grateful for every day I have. His latest gift to me.


1st Mate said...

RE: odds and ends - you weren't holding it right to see the cherubs.

You also didn't mention you bought Alan's surfboard!

rob said...

He must be a very brave man! and feel rather like a naughty boy having to leave a party early :o(( My thoughts are with his family that they may take heart that his form may change but he will still be with them if they wan`t him to be ( read Walter and Leah Russell)

MxSailor said...

The thought that comforts me is that Alan won't be leaving the universe, and we're all connected to the universe. Yes, even surfers...

rob said...

Hey who`s a surfer I`m a blogger :o)) who writes poor poetry :o( still I might get connected when I depart?