Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Westy Update

Not much to say. The work continues on the motor, which is all but complete. Today I degreased the engine compartment in the van. Having a major oil leak, with all that stuff spinning around in there, showers everything with oil... and then everything picks up all the road dust and dirt (and in Mexico, there a lot of that!)

So, here's my Sow's Ear Project. The motor after being removed from the car and sitting in a cardboard box in the Errorzona desert for a year or so. Call this BEFORE.

And the motor today...AFTER.

I'm not sure I like the red. I have time to change that. BTW, it's still summer in Mexico, and I'm getting seriously adapted to the heat and humidity.


1st Mate said...

Now if it runs as pretty as it looks...

MxSailor said...

That's funny. Dave's exact words.