Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Separate Ways

This is TICA, a Cabo Rico 38 of Costa Rican manufacture, home and transport for my friends Bill and JoAnn Sylvester as they make their way south. First to Hualtaco, then to El Salvador to a cruisers rally at Bahia del Sol near San Salvador. They plan to continue on through the canal to the islands of San Blas... with that accomplished, they'll decide on the next destination. (They tell me they'll be driving through San Carlos around May 19th, so it's possible we'll connect again.) They're leaving today.

Cruising, like life, is more about the journey than destinations. When you travel long distances at the stately rate of 5 or 6 miles an hour, there's a lot of time invested in getting from on place to another. The importance of the destination varies with the individual, but we all agree that the weather is paramount. The one thing we can't control (yet).

My plans? I've been invited by the local blues guitar maestro, Scottie, to accompany him to Trocones Beach tonight for a performance at one of the bars/restaurants there. ZihuaRob (who has commented here before) says, "Troncones is a small ecological beach community about 37 kilometers (22 miles) to the north." If all goes sort-of-well, we'll play Wednesday at the Flophouse in Zihuatanejo on a stage that's measured in square inches. To  a full house (seats about 12).

Scottie and I have a lot in common. We're both Vietnam vets, both been playing all our lives, know a lot of the same songs, laugh at the same things... we even take the same meds. Only difference is that I'm a few years older and don't drink at all, while Scottie has learned moderation... a word I have difficulty understanding.

In May Scottie will traveling through Mazatlan where he has lined up a short gig with a piano player, and then on to the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

On Thursday I'll be heading back north aboard BLISS to connect with the 1st Mate, either in Mazatlan or San Carlos. We hope to participate in this year's cruiser/music rally, LorestoFest. We'll either take BLISS or the Quest on the ferry and a tent.


Chrissy y Keith said...

Have a great time. We used to own property on the beach there in Troncones. Back in the days when there was no electricity and ony 2 places to eat on the beach. We sold it about 10 years ago and have not been back. I understand from friends that it has changed a lot. Where are you staying while there?

MxSailor said...

C&K- Just got back from Troncones. Scottie and I played at the restaurant of the Inn at Manzanillo Beach, a nice classy place. We just drove out for the gig and back.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Ah, yes the place was in the process of being built when we were there. In fact it was for sale and the name has changed a few times. They used dynamite to blast a hole for the pool. Our poperty was noth of there near the village of Majahua on the point.

1st Mate said...

So happy you're making music with a friend. What songs did you do? Scottie's mostly doing blues, right? And another gig tonight -- your cup runneth over! (Are you going to put out a cup?)

Liz said...

LoretoFest-Just in time for my birthday May 1st.:))
Sure do wish I could be there.:((
Mata ne