Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Song Blog

Right now, I'm about 5 miles off the coast of Barra de Navidad, (on the state line of Jalisco and Colima) on my way home to San Carlos, Sonora hundreds of sea miles away. I'm trying to steal a little wifi from out here with my dish setup. Looks like I did.

I've always wanted to write music, and although I'm a pretty accomplished guitarist, and I can play just about every piano chord ever built, I don't have any original material.

It's not laziness. It's just lack of inspiration, and maybe, somebody needs to just show me how it's done. And maybe I lack confidence too.

But I don't want to write the same old love-addiction songs that sell trillions of records. I want to do something a little more original and just sell a million records... that would be fine.

So here's some song ideas that I have that are maybe a little more timely to the 21st century:

Your Cheatin' Avatar

If you stay in one place too long,
someone will kill you by accident.

One webcam too many.

Goin' Native, and can't afford it.

They can't make anything right
(pay me once, pay me twice)

I ain't God, but that's not my fault

WiFi ain't workin' Blues

If you're gonna' do drugs,
did you bring enough for everyone?

I know where you are (the GPS song)

So, I'll let you all know when the CD is ready and on my new website,, which isn't built yet… but neither are the songs


Mic said...

AMAZING that you can WiFi 5 miles off shore!!! .....and that you find the time sailing single handed :-)....oh, I forgot, you're motoring. Here's hoping for some favorable wind assist for your motor. '-)

1st Mate said...

Ahoy, Capt
Sounds like you have everything in hand, if you have time to dream up song titles for tunes you haven't even written yet. Sorta bassakwards, but what the heck, let's see if it works.

So glad you're safe and your winds are fair, even if it means motoring.