Friday, May 27, 2011

Credit Where It's Due

The 1st Mate says that I'm doing all the work on the boat... if so, who's this?
But she does more than sand and stick down blue tape.
She provides me with the best possible infrastructure I could ask for.

When I get up at 5 am to get an early start on the boat (when there's a lot less heat and no wind) she's up making coffee and breakfast so I can get out the door in a timely manner... usually, I get a wake up call from her- hot espresso in hand, a kiss on the lips.

She just now delivered a load of workyard laundry... with all the fiberglass particles, sweat and dirt washed out. Fluff dried and ready to put on tomorrow morning.

When I break for lunch, she's got that all ready to eat, and when we're done we stretch out for a brief nap. She makes me another coffee and sends me off to work while she does the dishes and cleans up the galley at home.

She shows up at the workyard when I need her, sometimes stopping off at the paint store to pick up supplies (with her own money), and sometimes she brings colas, Dr. Pepper, cookies.

Tomorrow she'll mix catalyst and gelcoat for me to spray the deck, cockpit and topsides and stand by if I need something else masked off or taped.

If I had to do all that stuff myself, I'd still be months behind.

1st Mate. She really earns her title.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

And she looks good in a respirator.
HA HA - my word verification is "hyper"... need to be to get boatyard jobs done!

1st Mate said...

Thanks, Capt, it helps a lot to be appreciated. We're on the home stretch now, and we'll be so proud of that boat when she's all done. It's reassuring to remember that this is one job we'll never have to do again, from now on we'll just wash her, wax her and show her off.

rob said...

Wow! you are one very lucky man!