Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another piece of the puzzle

This piece of equipment is a high pressure pump I won for a great price on eBay. This pump will be driven either by a power-take off (PTO) from the new generator or by a 5-6 hp electric motor. For what, you ask?
This pump will suck seawater into the boat and push it against a semi-permeable membrane. The water that goes through the membrane is fresh clean water, the stuff that doesn't go through goes back overboard.
In this way we make fresh (drinkable) water out of ocean water. This pump, when it's all hooked up to the rest of the system will desalinate between 24 and 48 gallons of water per hour, depending on whether we use one membrane or two.
It's not quite enough to keep up with a standard showerhead (at 3.5 gallons per minute) but will fill the tanks for that shower pretty fast. The watermaker we have on BLISS now will make about 1 gallon per hour or about 2 days to fill our 50 gallon tank.

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