Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Captain Chlorophyll is Back

In my distant past, when we lived on an old chicken ranch in Northern California, I would don my grubbies and grab my weed eater and go out and whack weeds. After several hours of this I would return to the house, my body covered in tiny bits of green foliage, sort of like a Gilley Suit, or a survivor from a coleslaw accident.

I took one look in the mirror and said to myself, "I am Captain Chlorophyll, defender of well groomed lawns."

Whenever the yard needed whacking, I would warn the 1st Mate that Captain Chlorophyll would be making an appearance. Today, the desert needed it.

So, behold my work... It's been said that a redneck is a person who cuts his lawn and finds a car.

This is what the Captain finds...

Fortunately, the insects were off eating something else, (I haven't seen Miguel's German Shepard for days), so the work was just hot and sweaty and slightly less painful.

1 comment:

1st Mate said...

Yayyy for Capt Chlorophyll! I'd make him a green cape, but it'd be too hot. Maybe some little green shorts and a tank top emblazoned with appropriate logo? No tights.