Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Building a carpentry shop,
one workbench at a time

I know that as I get further into the project, I'm going to need some sizable workspace as the pieces go on and off this boat. Hence the 6 ft wide, 14 ft long workbench. It has a steel frame and I'll box the whole thing in with hinged doors to store tools and material. Right now I'm using the trailers for that, but I'll need them for bringing in resin, glass, rigid foam sheets (a product called PrecisionBoard(PB)... it's strong and light and you can glue it together and sculpt it into the shape you want easily [I hope] and then cover it with fiberglass and resin or epoxy). It's also expensive (4x8 ft sheet one inch thick is about $180 plus shipping). Then there's paint, adhesives, plexiglass, and more plywood.

I did all of this today... but after getting up at 5, going out to the anchorage and moving the BLISS boat to another mooring, taking the First Mate shopping and to pay the electric bill in Guaymas.

I had some catching up to do because Saturday I bought the plywood and took it to the yard, Sunday we rehearsed all day in preparation for a performance at the Captain's Club from 4pm 'til 9 or so, and Monday was spent working on the business website. Add in some time eating, sleeping and throwing the ball for Chica, writing to my sister in New York, and minor house repairs, getting drinking water, etc. and I've been pretty busy.

I believe I promised the First Mate we would hit the tiangus in Guaymas tomorrow morning. I want to look for attachments for my nifty new bench grinder.

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