Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A day out of the sun, time for design

Click on the drawing for larger version
This is the direction I'm headed on this boat.
I know it has a lot of windows, but I plan on using Lexan- the bulletproof plastic they use in limousines and bank windows, etc.
The First Mate has a thing about cramped, dark places and so do I. The drawings, are by the way, pretty close to scale. Comments welcome.


rob said...

Really nice design, are you anticipating a "charter design layout with the two hatches in the aft cabin/s or one just the one large aft stateroom, with onsuite?
Really nice looking design. :o))

MxSailor said...

Thanks, Rob. One large aft stateroom. In upcoming posts I'll be showing off interior layouts and my plan of going diesel-electric with the generator in the bow between watertight compartments. I want to eliminate the engine room in this boat, go with a wide, shallow cockpit with high coamings to free up more space below. Dual steering station (maybe one of them wireless).

rob said...

I like the idea of diesel electric! presumably driven through a hydraulic system? High coamings and better headroom, is no doubt the way to go!Wireless steering sounds great, but a decent windvane would achieve a great saving on the batteries no doubt. Dual steeing, good, I cant remember whan I last used my flybridge, and I detest sitting in the cold at the wheel when delivering sailing vessels without a secondary steering position.