Monday, July 7, 2008

Saloons, boats and bars

The deck saloon design is the one I'm favoring right now. Wraparound, reinforced, tinted windows. This design suggests the raising of the stern quarters to add volume below and easy passage from the saloon to the masters cabin astern.
By the way, some people may chuckle at my use of the word saloon. The truth is back a couple of centuries ago, a bar owner in Colorado (I believe) decided to furnish his bar like the interior of a yacht to attract high class customers. He borrowed the word saloon- the main cabin and social gathering place on a yacht- and soon, many tavern owners followed his example.


rob said...

Aft cabin headroom and ease of access often leads to an ungainly looking "ass ended" vessel. It`s nice to be able to sit in a Saloon and look around when in a marina, but large windows lead to poor sea safety unless weather boards can be fitted! dont you think? Love the idea of wrap around tinted windows, but Cost? What a lovely project , where do you get your energy from?

MxSailor said...

Last question first: Caffeine. Daily naps. See next post.