Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I wanna go home...

Today is my second day in the US. We drove up yesterday from San Carlos in order to appear at the muni court in Sahuarita, Arizona over a ticket for expired license plates. In Arizona, if your auto insurance isn't renewed, they suspend your registration and hand out tickets. Then they tell you they want you to commit to a 3 year car insurance policy... all for a car that may spend a total of one month in Arizona over the 3 year period. Arrrg..
We got it sorted out when we showed up and paid a fine of $143, got the state of AZ to accept our Mexican car insurance as proof of financial responsibility, re-registered the car, jumped through several hoops, and groveled at the feet of Authority.
I want to reduce my trips to the US. I'm going to start planning the "Stuff in America Reduction Act."
The US is a nice place if you have to have everything really organized and you want your life structured and predictable, and it's OK to have everyone have a say in about how you conduct your life... then the US is a good place to be. But I wanna' go home to Mexico.
I think I would like to go to Turkey some day. I read the Ferroever blog and I've met other people who loved Turkey. Folks who have done circumnavigations in small yachts.
Sounds like a cool place. I might make it if I don't get too many more tickets in the US.


Overboard said...

Turkey has beautiful cruising and the cost of living is cheaper than in Mexico with regards to food prices and availability.
It would be lovely to end up there one day; where I can choose between hanging out on the boat, or staying in the flat.
I'd probably choose the boat all the time though because I like the adrenalin camping aspect of it. Life was so much better on the boat; the days so much more meaningful. Still, I'll be back one day and will appreciate it more than I ever did before. No more whinging from me, that's for sure.

MxSailor said...

I know the 1st Mate has her eye on Europe and the Med for a destination. I would like to try Turkey. Met a couple in SC that had sailed through there and had replaced their motor for a new Yanmar for $2000! They were both in their 80s. It will be good to have you back...