Friday, July 4, 2008

It can't be tarps...

Spent a morning hoisting up a tarp over my work area just before I left for Errorzona. This is what it looked like.

Now it's lying on the ground, shredded along the edge where I had tied it with cordage. Tarps just won't do it. If I'm going to have shade, it will be more than a tarp. I'm thinking of beefing up the vertical 2x4s and adding cross members for wood or metal roofing.

There was a big blow here with rain, so now the boat needs pumping out... but not today.
We drove back last night and it seemed to take forever. There's road construction all the way up and back... they divert traffic from four lanes onto one each way and prohibit passing- for 300 miles! You can't go faster than the slowest vehicle in front of you... so the trip took seven hours instead of the usual four-and-a -half. I need a siesta.

I'll go out to the Flash tomorrow and restart the work. It'll be cooler, now that the monsoons are here.

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