Thursday, July 17, 2008

Resistance is Futile

Back to the GREEN FLASH to remove the coaming/cockpit this morning. Cheese croissants only a faint but pleasant memory.

This is a picture of the wireless controller for the crane on the back of my pickup truck. The 5 peso coin is there to show scale... (you don't know how big a 5 peso is, eh? (evil chuckle) OK, then... A 5 peso coin is the same size as a US quarter. I just don't have any US quarters here because nobody takes US coins for payment in Mexico (although I've seen beggars asking for them). I keep all my US coins in a 55 gallon drum on the other side of the border. As I drive across the border I throw whatever US coins I have accumulated into the barrel. Nobody can lift it so I'm not worried about it.

Back to the FLASH- I hoisted up the old cockpit onto the starboard side of the boat until it teetered there, then I propped it up with some 2x4s so I could disconnect the hoists. (I didn't want this thing to pull the entire boat over because it was still attached to the boat by way of the hoists).

The one remaining line was connected to the electric winch on the truck, so I could stand up on the boat and control the process using the remote.

I found I could edge the thing over an inch at a time by just tapping the remote... so everything kinda went in slow motion before it fell. And fall it did... so now I can concentrate on getting some serious shade on the FLASH, get all the junk out to the junkyard, and get the small bits of rotted boat cleaned out.

Feels good to be this far along right now.

And I gotta' thank Mike and Cynthia (see First Mate blog) for a great dinner at Los Barcos last night. The shrimp tacos were wonderful. We were squeezing Italians into our little car and tried to thank them before we drove off, but the moment was a bit chaotic.

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