Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pastries and heavy lifting

I'm not ready to start bringing workers onto the boat yet... I am dismantling the previous owners' work on it, cutting off rotting decks and cabin tops. This stuff is really heavy- about an inch of plywood with a half inch of fiberglass & resin, plus framing and hardware. So I've been using a series of hoists, and rope and pulleys to move it around. It's too heavy for me to lift so I need the mechanical advantage of levers and blocks. Today I had hoped to remove the remaining cabin top/coaming from the FLASH. The piece is large and no longer attached by anything but gravity. I propped it up with 2x4s and attached the crane from the pickup to one corner with the idea of rolling it off the boat.
Everything was lined up perfectly and then just before I pressed the button on the wireless remote for the crane, the First Mate drove up with a bag of cheese-filled croissants. My concentration on the pastries, I hit the button and the cabin slid sideways into the boat.
With the croissants in hand, I locked up the work area and headed home for a cold shower and air conditioning and ice water... as Arnie would say, "I'll be BOCK!"
BTW, it's too late for pictures of the croissants.


1st Mate said...

Yeah, blame it on the 1st Mate.

Overboard said...

That pic looks like the inside of my head right now.
I love yours and Bliss' blogs. They make me feel happily homesick for SC and to see you all again and to spend more time with you both when I return.
I want some Bliss coffee and Bliss shrimp and Bliss dogs. Cos you guys were sooooooooooooo good to me and I don't think I ever really showed my appreciation properly.
But I will when I see you both again.

rob said...

I just love the idea of a wireless remote on the hoist! it beats having a "Banksman" shame about the photos of the Cheese croissants :o))