Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The work goes on...

We are getting into the real heat of Mexico summer. The First Mate took my photo as I was leaving for the Green Flash... here's the summer fashion for this morning: cut off sweat pants, tank top, cheap but sturdy sandals, iPod, kerchief headband to keep the sweat out of eyes, super-dark sunglasses (prescription). What you can't see is the sheen of spray-on sunblock by Banana Boat (great idea), but you can see the sheen of sweat already starting at 6 am.

The sun comes up early here- we're on the eastern edge of the combined Mountain/Pacific daylight savings time.

Over the past couple of days, I've been putting up more vertical supports and using them to haul the cut-up deck sections off the FLASH using block and tackle systems. I also built a frame for the front gate to the area.
Later today I'll haul up four deep cycle 6 volt batteries and build a battery bank in the bathtub. I'll rig the wind generator to this bank and run a 2000 watt inverter to power my electrical tools and lights if I should need them. I also have an Onan 4kw generator and a Honda 2000, but if I can work without the noise and the cost of gasoline, I'm happier... plus I can hook up my stereo and listen to my favorite music if I want. Hmmm. Maybe it's time to get the 12 volt fridge fixed?

Yet another "Before" picture of the GREEN FLASH. The bathtub circled in red.


1st Mate said...

Well, good, you found a use for that bathtub.

rob said...

I really love the davit on your truck what a brilliant idea! We had a much larger one on a much larger truck that would lift engines but that little set up looks great and more than adequate for what you are going to do! Love the photos please keep them coming, great project

MxSailor said...

The electric winch on that little crane is rated at 1000 kilos, twice what the crane is rated. The coolness factor is that the winch is controlled (power up and down) by a 2 oz wireless remote- I wear it as a pendant (after having one fall into the water) and it frees me to deal with the load at the end of the crane, not on top of it. It would make a great lift on a boat, too , for retrieving the dinghy, supplies or man overboard.

rob said...

Wow that sounds great! A simple pair of cheap fibreglass moulded "cheeks" on either side and it could look really smart and boatlike and be protected from the salt. :o)) as if you havent got enough to do?

MxSailor said...

It might work better to have the cable run from under the deck, don't you think?

Overboard said...

Ha ha.
Some of those pics look like the inside of my boat looked after it's inaugural cruise.

'A pair of cheap, fiberglass moulded cheeks'
ha ha ha ha. You are sooo funny, Orb.
Good to see you.
Mr Bliss helped me a lot last year. He's great!

rob said...

Oh Yes! it could run up the inside stancion of the crane itself (which wouldnt inhibit the slewing capability, and out through the top elbow to the cathead (wheel)then through a two to one block? All manufactured in stainless of the correct loading size of course?